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BABEL is a research unit in the Department of Economics and Management (DiSEI) at the University of Firenze, focusing on Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence for Business, Economics, and Law. The establishment date is March 5, 2019. The founders of BABEL are Professor Mauro Lombardi, an expert in innovation economics, and Professor Filippo Zatti, an economic law scholar appointed by the Council as Scientific Coordinator. BABEL's governance is dependent on two entities: the Council and the Steering Committee. The Council is exclusively composed of DiSEI members. The Steering Committee comprises at most seven experts or distinguished scholars in the research field. BABEL aims to enhance research projects and post-graduate training courses on DLTs, blockchains, smart contracts, and AI by promoting transdisciplinary skills. The aim is to assist regulators, rule-makers, professionals, students, and others in developing customized regulations that promote both business and social applications of emerging technologies while addressing unresolved legal concerns.

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