Partnership Announcement

Very proud to announce a partnership with the Italian Association for the Blockchain technology (Italia4Blockchain)


I am very proud to announce that Italia4Blockchain and the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Florence with BABEL signed up a partnership for developing research and education programs on the blockchain technology issues.
The agreement would promote cooperation for research, education and dissemination aims.
The Department, with BABEL, and Italia4Blockchain can namely develop the following:
 - planning and supporting the project for continuing education as well as first and second level Master of Science;
- planning of, and joining in, national and European tenders;
- promotion of placement, internship and professional training activities;
- the identification of national companies that use blockchain technology even for identifying the most common use cases.
I wish fruitful cooperation to both of us!

Florence, May 12

Filippo Zatti, BABEL Scientific Coordinator

12 May 2020 (Archiviata)



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