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Stampa la notizia: Consob Final Report on cryptos


Consob Final Report on cryptos

Consob Final Report on cryptoassets was issued on January 2 this year
As a first instance, the Final Report aims to make clear the definition of 'cryptoassets' for its regulation. Then, it focuses on the regime of the ICOs platforms, on trading systems as well as on the so-called "digital wallet services" for the custody and transfer of cryptoassets.
The goal was to identify a desirable regulatory approach for those crypto-assets which are not frameable into financial instruments legal discipline.
We remind that this contribution comes after the March 19 Call for Evidence and a public hearing held on May 21 last year at the Bocconi University in Milan.
BABEL was among the participants to the Call.
For whom is interested to read it, tap here (text in Italian only).
02 Gennaio 2020
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