Dr Travia and Dr Majorana @The Fondazione dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Firenze partnering with BABEL to host a seminar on taxation and anti-money laundering of cryptoassets

Dr Maltinti, Dr Masini, and Dr Esposito organized a seminar on October 6th for chartered accountants. The seminar focused on the regulatory aspects of crypto assets, specifically taxation and anti-money laundering. Dr Travia and Dr Majorana will be the guest speakers at the event. 


At the Internet Festival 2023 Dr Faini chairs a session on “Digital sovereignty between public and private powers” and "Intellectual property protection in the machine and NFT era"


Our Scientific Coordinator @ #InViaggioCon #Bankitalia

Florence, Chamber of Commerce, September 21, h 17 for a round table on the impact of digitalisation on the Tuscan economy.


An International Conference on DAO organised by F. Guillaume, Professor at the University of Neuchatel. Our Scientific coordinator and C. Ferri will join the conference for BABEL

Florence is one of the few international experts in the field. This is a great opportunity to dive deep into the world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). The LexTech Institute will bring together experts and enthusiasts to explore the fascinating world of DAOs. These innovative entities are the building blocks of a new decentralised global economy based on the principles of Web3. With DAOs, people worldwide can collaborate, achieve common goals, generate revenue, and transcend geographic boundaries governed by computer code.  But that's not all. The conference will also examine the legal dimensions of these novel governance models. It will be a platform for multidisciplinary exchange, providing a unique opportunity to reflect on these decentralised structures' ethical and legal implications in an innovative environment like Switzerland. Take advantage of this chance to be a part of this exciting movement.    


Happy Easter



Prof. Lombardi @ Seeds of Florence

On May 6th, Prof. Lombardi (BABEL Steering Committee and co-founder) will speak about 'Automation, Occupational Dynamics, Artificial Intelligence GPT-4'. Other speakers will be Luca Toschi (University of Florence), Vittorio Calaprice (European Commission), Silvio Zipoli Caiani (University of Florence), Vincenzo Vespri (University of Florence), Nicoletta Bardossi (Radio Toscana) and Luca Massacesi (University of Florence). The special guest will be Ilaria Cinelli, Snr An. Astronaut. Please — register at May 5th!


The last BABEL WP Series is out!

The last paper of the BABEL WP Series is about NFT and art sector in Italy, which is distinguishing itself as one of the pioneers of crypto art and among its most important ‘producers’. If domestic blockchain technology-based industry is lacking, its applications in the field of art are fuelling a cultural awakening in the country. NFTs are pushing a sector different from the one in which the creative industry traditionally deployed, so much so that it is named ‘Crypto Renaissance’. However, the need undermines this promising opportunity for a clear regulatory framework while waiting for future EU Regulations. However, the MiCAR proposal, in its current version, excludes from its scope NFTs, leaving space for the Member States. How Italy could use this space to create a market for NFTs in Italy by reviving the lustre of the past and taking advantage of the technology’s development opportunities for the future is yet to be seen.  


Happy Holidays!

Wishing you Happy Holidays, we would like to thank who we met this year for the opportunities that we had. See you in 2023!


At the 9th World Café Sustainable Enterprise and Responsible Innovation

M. Lombardi, M. Tortora, G. Brandimarti and our Scientific Coordinator involved in the programme of the 9th World Café organized by FAIR. Read more at the link…


“Can a currency be stable in itself? An economic law analysis of the concept of stability in the case of stablecoins” is the title of the presentation of R.G. Barresi and F. Zatti

Ms Barresi, BABEL Associate member, and our Scientific coordinator have been asked to hold a presentation on stablecoins. The lecture will be at 2:20 pm in Canary Wharf UCL centre. The Workshop is phygital, meaning that you can join even online if registered. In case you are interested, please email


F. Zatti at Blockchain Forum Italia 2022

F. Zatti will be at the Blockchain Forum Italia on Saturday, November 19th, at 3:30 pm (CET). He will chair a session on 'Innovation and Institutions' talking with Fabio Righi, Minister of Economy (industry crafts and trade, technological innovation and simplification) of Republic of San Marino and Massimiliano Dragoni, DG CNECT, European Commission. Read more about the BFI agenda here:


M. Lombardi's last article is out!

'Understanding emerging patterns and dynamics through the lenses of the cyber-physical universe' is the issue of the last article published by M. Lombardi together with S. Vannuccini. It proposes a new organizing concept—the cyber-physical universe—to describe the current overarching socio-technical-economic landscape. Enjoy reading it!


BABEL involved in the 4th Italian DLT WG meeting on multidisciplinary aspects

BABEL gave a panel on DLT and law with M. Castellani, D. Majorana e N. Travia chaired by F. Zatti. Read more in the following link:


Zatti and La Fata at Artissima about NFT

November 4th, 2022, at 9:30 am on Microsoft Teams - Free registration until November 3rd at 11:30 pm. Available seats: 78.


Open enrolment for the 22/23 academic year!

No two without three! Blockchain training for those who are looking for an academic but online path, who start from the basics but are serious, and who are in touch with those who prefer to do Blockchain instead of talking about it. We are waiting for you! PS The course is in Italian.


DITECFER for Blockchains

On June 20th, our Scientific coordinator gives a speech on “Discovering the Blockchain technology: the fundamentals”. We thank Ms Veronica Bocci and DITECFER for the pleasant invitation. To know more, follow the link to the event website.


PRISMA and Lawyers and Chartered Accountants Associations Workshop


Article co-authored by Marco Bellucci, BABEL Council member, is available!

Congratulations to M Bellucci, G Manetti and D Cesa Bianchi for their valuable and brand-new publication on blockchain in accounting.  


Our Scientific coordinator and Ms Barresi were invited to present their paper by the CBDC Think Tank


Dr Faini, BABEL Steering Committee member, Legal Informatics and IT Law Prize Award

Proud to share that Dr. Faini, BABEL Steering Committee member, has granted with the 7th Legal Informatics and IT Law “Vittorio Frosini” Prize Award. We wish Dr. Faini that it could be the first recognition of its brilliant and valuable career in the research field. Congrats, Fernanda! Ad maiora!


Florence | April 12th | 4 pm | blended

Professor Zatti will be speaker of the event with Andrea Baranes, Chiara Canali, Tamara Belardi, Julius van Sambeck.  Moderator: Andrea Barolini.


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