Blockchain Technologies For Skills

24 February 2021 (Archiviata)

The initiative of the Department of Economics and Management

See here for the Italian version

A certificate that complies with the requirements of blockchain technology for the participants in the Professional Development Course in “Economics and Law of Digital Assets” (ELDA), organised by the Department of Economics and Management (DISEI), who completed their training by experimenting with one of the potential applications of the new technology.
At the end of the training initiative, dedicated to the innovations blockchain technology will bring to the economy and society, the 26 participants received a certificate that guarantees the certainty, validity and unchangeability of the data on the certificate of participation.
This certification is now available and consultable on the public blockchain platform Algorand thanks to the use of an application, Dedit, made available to DISEI by the association Italia4Blockchain.
Filippo Zatti, professor of economic law at Unifi and scientific coordinator of the BABEL (Blockchains and Artificial Intelligence for Business, Economics, and Law) research unit at DISEI, led the ELDA course.


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