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Blockchain and Its Applications

An Unifi course recognised by Repubblica Digitale

A professionalising course, to go beyond Bitcoin. It aims to keep in contact with the technology on which the first cryptocurrency was built and, at the same time, to update own skills according to the innovations that Blockchain will bring to the economy and society. It is a course of Economics and Digital Asset Law (ELDA) activated by the Department of Economics and Management, thanks namely to the research unit Babel (Blockchains and Artificial intelligence for Business, Economics and Law).

The course - the first edition scheduled since 12 October - was considered consistent with the principles of the 'Manifesto di Repubblica Digitale', the national strategic initiative promoted by the Department for Digital Transformation of the Italian Prime Minister.


ELDA's coordinator is Filippo Zatti, associate professor of Economic Law at Unifi, scientific coordinator of BABEL and member of the Academic Advisory Board of INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications promoted in 2019 by the European Commission.

The educational activities, delivered entirely online, will guide participants in the possible applications of blockchain technology through ten modules and four use cases. The academic path, built in a transdisciplinary key, will address the topic in a theoretical and technological way, passing from cryptography to the examination of the most critical economic and legal aspects at state of the art. Participants will be supported in this path by teachers, coming not only from the academy but also from the world of associations, professions, business, finance, strategic consulting and media.


'"The increasing contribution of the world of research and higher education - explains prof. Zatti - allows us to develop the skills needed to promote best the development of Blockchains in all those sectors that may be interested in its adoption'.


The deadline to enrol in the course is Wednesday 30 September. Further information on the initiative and how to register is available online.

News published by the University of Florence on September 18, 2020. Read in Italian here


21 Settembre 2020
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